Eternal Crown donates 15% of all sales in support of three select philanthropies. These three entities have a very special place in our hearts and we believe it's our blessing and obligation to support them. Each individual organization receives 5%.


We all have something that speaks to our hearts, that drives us to give of ourselves through money, time, prayers...

For me, that very strong something is sex trafficking. The statistics are overwhelming - but the scariest statistic revealed to me is the level of sex trafficking in my very own city. Florida is the third largest state in sex trafficking, and within Florida, Jacksonville is the third largest city for sex trafficking. That's appalling...and scary. I have three (not-so-little anymore) babies and I can't imagine any of them suffering the tragedy that so many women have endured.

So my heart, money and my time go to helping current and future victims of trafficking.

There are two organizations in particular, who I believe show amazing support of and benefit to victims of sex trafficking.

One is local to our city (Rethreaded), and one is international (Rapha International). Both organizations are doing life-changing work. I also have the privilege of photographing the Mukti Freedom Gala, which is Rethreaded's annual gala and primary fundraiser each year. (Below are a few images from the 2019 event.)

For more information on these organizations, or to see how you can get involved, click on their names to be linked to their websites.

Mukti 2019Mukti 2019Mukti 2019

Mukti 2019Mukti 2019Mukti 2019 Mukti 2019Mukti 2019Mukti 2019

Several years ago, I met some of the most amazing women in college through Zeta Tau Alpha. I have laughed, cried, loved and been loved by these women. And long after college, I've continued to build new friendships with so many more that I've had the pleasure of meeting along the way. The foundation also gives thousands of dollars in college scholarships each year. Beginning in 2020, 5% of all sales are donated to ZTA to be used in a matching scholarship program each year to help ease the financial burden of a local young woman at the University of North Florida, while she grows and betters her future.


Additionally, I'm also a registered photographer with the Magic Hour Foundation. They provide free photography sessions, all the digital images, and a box of 4x6 prints for those who have been diagnosed with cancer (and their family). Please spread this information to anyone you know with a cancer diagnosis. I've heard far too many times after a loved one has passed, "I wish I had known about this organization." It breaks my heart. Help someone you love receive the irreplaceable gift of memories.