Harnessing Your Superpower (pt. 3)

March 16, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Harnessing your superpower.


Pictures are your unmatched ability to not only create moments together, but to capture that memory forever. You have, almost literally, the power to stop time. We’re currently in the middle of a series on how you can take advantage of your very own superpower AND how to turn it into a fun date night with your family or loved one.

This series is specifically focused on creative ways to enjoy and forever capture genuine moments together. If you’ve missed our other ideas, click here to read about silhouettes, reflections, AND fun matching dates to go along with them. This week, we move on with our next idea:

Feet and footprints



There’s something about pictures of your shoes, standing in the midst of a favorite spot, that just really give me all the feels. There’s so much context happening in that image, even without ever showing a single face. Maybe your shoes are fancy, and they show the fashionista side of you. Maybe they’re super worn-out and each scuff represents memories and miles traveled with friends and loved ones.

Shoes speak a lot of silent words. There are so many ideas for pictures here, and they each can say something different. What is your favorite activity together?



Making memories:

Do you like to get dressed up and go out on the town? Treat yourselves to dinner at a high-end restaurant in town. Take a picture of your blingy shoes side by side - be sure to include other details for context, such as the welcome mat at the restaurant, or a pretty flower bed in the landscaping. Set up your phone with a timer, and capture the end of the night as you stand together in the distance, holding your shoes in one hand as you give your feet a break. Or hand the phone to your kids and get them involved in the fun of learning how to capture memories, too!



For a budget-friendly version, choose a sunny day at the beach or riverbank. Take a picture of your toes in the sand, or of your child’s footprints. Bonus aesthetic for capturing their blurry silhouette in the distance, playing. (You can also mix and match these ideas with your significant other!)


I hope this will get some of you out and about, making memories together. Please tag me in social media (facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) so I can see your fun images!


If you're looking for portraits and you'd like outside help in making and capturing genuine memories together, contact us so we can chat about it over lattes or mimosas. Your memories are, quite literally, my life's work. It makes my heart sing to be a part of them.



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