Harnessing Your Superpower (pt. 2)

March 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Harnessing your superpower.


Pictures are your unmatched ability to not only create moments together, but to capture that memory forever. You have, almost literally, the power to stop time.


This series is specifically focused on creative ways to enjoy and forever capture genuine moments together. Last week we began a series on how you can take advantage of your very own superpower AND how to turn it into a fun date night with your family or loved one. If you missed it last week, click here to read about silhouettes and a matching date night. This week, we move on with our next idea:



In Florida, it rains all the time, especially in the summer. We have puddles everywhere, so this is a relatively easy idea to capture here. But if there’s no rain in your forecast, we’ve still got you covered. Windows, mirrors, and various bodies of water can be found almost anywhere in your city, and they’re just as great of a resource for reflections.


With reflections, you can either focus on you/your subject, or you can focus on the reflection, allowing your subject to go out of focus. For a full-body image using a puddle on a rainy day, try to find as big of a puddle as you can. For the best results, get your phone/camera as close to the ground as possible and angle upward. Set your focus on the reflection in the puddle. For an interesting self-portrait, find a puddle in a well-lit area, lean slightly over it, and take a selfie of your reflection.

Making memories:


Reflections have a dreamy look to them - You know it’s a real image of a real person, yet softer. Take advantage of the ethereal vibe, and plan your date at a local historical venue. Play tourist and learn about the history of your area. Using the dusty and foggy windows you typically find at such places, take pictures of your reflections together. Embrace the rustic aesthetic and be sure to incorporate it into your composition. For a budget-friendly version, plan an afternoon of window-shopping in a quaint downtown shopping center. Pause at some of your favorite stores and take a reflection picture together as you make future plans. (Be sure to write down those plans so you can check them off your list as you achieve your goals together.)


Bonus (free) activity for adults and children alike - Take advantage of a rainy afternoon (as long as it’s not lightening, of course.) Pull on some cute rain boots, grab a colorful umbrella, and play outside in the rain! Jump in puddles, twirl your umbrella. The messier, the better. Grab your honey, play your favorite slow song on your phone, and dance in the rain. Take pictures of your reflection in a window nearby (or bring a mirror) - embrace the water droplets on the glass for added texture and context to your image.



I hope this will get some of you out and about, making memories together. Please tag me in social media (facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) so I can see your fun images!

If you're looking for portraits and you'd like outside help in making and capturing genuine memories together, contact us so we can chat about it over lattes or mimosas. Your memories are, quite literally, my life's work. It makes my heart sing to be a part of them.


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