Harnessing Your Superpower (pt. 1)

February 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Harnessing your superpower.

silhouette portraitromantic silhouette portrait

Pictures can be so much more than just an image - they’re your superpower! They give you the unmatched ability to not only create moments together, but to capture that memory forever. You have, almost literally, the power to stop time.

If family portraits are one of your annual traditions or if you’re simply looking to add a little something extra to the images currently displayed in your home, opt for something that goes beyond the usual posed portraits. For the next few weeks, I’ll share a little inspiration to help you capture a different look, as well as family/couple-friendly ideas to help you get the most of your time together. This week, we'll start with silhouettes.


If you understand how to use the settings on your camera, you can manipulate them to capture silhouettes at any time of day…however, sunrise and sunset offer the easiest way to photograph them - even on your smart phone. Find a location that either has a clean horizon with minimal distractions, like a beach or an open field. You can also opt for a spot with interesting shapes that can add to your image, such as the downtown skyline or a park with tall palm trees. Just be sure not to stand in front of objects that create awkward shapes around your subject. (For example, a tall tree coming out of your child’s head!) With your camera or phone, focus on the sky. This manipulates the automatic settings that tell your camera/phone that there’s more light in the picture than is actually there. This will allow for the main subject to go dark.

Making memories:

Plan a date night for your family or loved one. Make reservations an hour before sunset at a restaurant on the beach or downtown, and request a table outside. Enjoy the view and the time together. As the sun sets and creates a gorgeous glow in the sky, take advantage with silhouette pictures to wrap up the evening. For a budget-friendly version, pick up some caffeine at a local coffee shop an hour before sunrise. Take your camera on a sunrise stroll at your favorite park. As the sky fills up with orange, grab those silhouette images together.

Need more ideas or help? Contact us and let's have a chat about how we can help you capture these moments together.


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