You NEED a new profile picture - Here's why (& helpful tips)

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Why you definitely need to update your profile picture (& helpful tips).


You likely already understand the importance of a first impression. But gone are the days where that initial in-person meeting is what determines the impact you leave on potential (and current!) clients and employers. What you might not realize, is how your social media profile picture has now become the source of that first impression. Whether or not you’re currently searching for a job, here’s why you need to update your profile image.


This year has completely sucked been quite a challenge.


The unemployment rate has been at epic high numbers. The good news is that we’re on the up-trend, but the bad news is that it means there’s even more competition than normal. And while it might seem like these number only affect those who are currently searching for employment, the reality is that the unknown future of this virus means many of us are freaking out truly navigating some thin ice. The anxiety of being laid off has a grip on us all. So it’s safe to say that your first impression needs some extra insurance.


Personal BrandingPersonal Branding


Here are a few facts you need to know:


  • More than 90% of HR professionals and recruiters use social media (like LinkedIn and Facebook) in their search for quality candidates.
  • Accounts with a profile picture are 21x more likely to be viewed. And among those numbers, professional profile pictures get 14x more views!
  • 50% want to ensure the candidate has a professional online persona.
  • 33% of hiring managers were impressed with the candidate's professional image.
  • 48% of employers use social networking sites to research CURRENT employees.
  • Recent studies show that profile pictures play a huge role in determining which candidates get interviews, and in shaping how an employer views that same candidate when meeting in person. In other words, that picture sticks in their brain.


Professional PortraitsProfessional Portraits


This clearly proves that a headshot plays an important role in your professional life, so now what?


Whether you’re content at your current job, or actively seeking employment, it’s time to update that picture. Ensure your image is well-lit, and with a simple background that is clear of any distractions. Avoid selfies and pictures with other people. Your picture should reflect your personality, as well as the nature of your position/business. The image can range from formal and traditional, to relaxed and welcoming - remembering to always portray a sense of professionalism. (Unless you’re an artist, and then I think it’s OK to be weird eclectic. So don’t judge me when I show up with pink hair!) If traditional isn't your style, it doesn't mean professional portraits aren't for you - you can easily allow for your personality and uniqueness to come through!

If you choose to hire a professional photographer, help her/him to help you. Think about some of the characteristics that exemplify your personal brand. Are you an executive, a blogger, an educator? Maybe you're an artist with an edgy style and personality. Write down keywords and phrases that you feel represent who you are and the image you want to portray. If there are certain props that could help tell your story, talk about them with your photographer.


We usually take a few different shots using various outfits so that you have a good selection from which to choose. I generally recommend one or two power suits for headshots - pantsuit, dress, or both, for a LinkedIn profile. I also encourage a more casual, but still polished outfit (think dressed-up casual Friday) that lends some insight into your personality - perfect for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s important that your look matches the image you’re trying to convey. Equally as important, is that you have fun with your session. A relaxed subject exudes confidence in their pictures, and an *especially good* photographer will offer you a glass of wine first help you feel at ease. =)


Ready to take the next step? Call us to plan your headshot or personal branding session. We have in-studio, on-location, and combination packages available. Our headshot sessions begin at $250 and INCLUDE professional hair and makeup, to help bring out all your best features. We LOVE what we do, and it’s our life’s mission high priority to translate the best you have to offer into fabulous images.


Click here to contact us, and let's get your best foot (face!) forward.


Personal Branding SessionPersonal Branding Session





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