Five tips for looking fabulous in pictures

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Whether you’re getting ready for a professional session, or just want better selfies - there are ways to improve your images and help ensure you’re happy with the results. Here are five tips to help you get started.

  • Practice your smile. I know, this sounds goofy - but trust me. Take some time to work on it in the mirror, so you know what it feels and looks like. A natural smile involves your eyes, not just your mouth - and the best way to see your authentic smile is by laughing.

Downtown Jacksonville Senior SessionDowntown Jacksonville Senior Session

  • Be careful with your makeup. Everyday selfies and evenings out are one thing, but if you’re preparing for a professional session, subtle and balanced is perfection. Trendy makeup fashions will date your images. Opt for a more timeless look to keep your images classy. Choose your favorite feature and give it a bit more focus. For example, a classic red on your lips can bring a bold and gorgeous look - but then consider something a little softer on your eyes to avoid looking overdone (or vice versa). If applying makeup isn't one of your talents, or if you just want to be pampered on the day of your session, considering hiring a professional makeup artist. (All Eternal Crown portrait sessions include a professional hair and makeup artist in our session fee.)

Jacksonville senior portrait sessionJacksonville senior portrait session

  • Pose with angles. An experienced photographer knows how to help you when it comes to posing for photos - but generally speaking, you shouldn’t face the camera straight on. Positioning your body at an angle slims your shape and adds more dimension. Bend your limbs to create visually appealing angles.

San Marco Senior PortraitsSan Marco Senior Portraits

  • Choose your outfit carefully. If you like bold colors and prints, be sure to pair it with something solid and/or neutral. For example, a colorful blouse and jeans. This allows you to bring color and personality to your images, without overdoing it. Or go for soft and understated with a simple sundress, to help keep the focus on your face. If you’re wearing your hair up, don’t forget the smaller details like earrings. It’s important to pay attention to the fit and shape of your outfit. Complimenting your figure is much more impactful than trying to incorporate current trends.

San Marco Senior SessionSan Marco Senior Session

Coffee Shop Senior SessionCoffee Shop Senior Session

  • Use lighting to your advantage. If you’ve hired a professional photographer, he/she should know how to use lighting (even outside!) to take the image to the next level and give you the WOW factor. But even for basic daily images, there are ways to use existing lighting to your advantage. A large but soft light source is your best friend. If you’re indoors, a large window will usually work well. For outdoor pictures, 30 minutes before sunset is the most flattering time of day. If that isn’t an option, then look for a shady but open area. Whether you’re inside or out, avoid standing directly underneath a bright light source, as it will create harsh and unflattering shadows on your face.

Downtown Jacksonville Senior SessionDowntown Jacksonville Senior Session

Most of all - have fun with your session. A relaxed and happy subject is always the most beautiful one!


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