{Guest Blog} 6 Tips for Posing Children During Covid

April 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

6 Tips for Posing Children During Covid

Many of us have a little extra time on our hands with our kids right now. I asked local photographer, Christy Whitehead (who specializes in newborns and young children) to share tips for photographing little ones, and ways to capture a few memories during this crazy quarantine.

1. Holding Your Child
Whether it's a baby or a toddler, there are plenty of ways you can hold a child to get a cute picture. Holding your child can make it easier to direct them where to look and can keep them a little more still for the photos. Consider having one parent holding the child while the other kisses them on the cheek or forehead. Or have both parents hold the child between them.

2. Containing Them!
You can use a container like a big basket or bucket to help keep a small child still for a few seconds to grab a few cute photos. Or even a chair with arms. For small children, around 3-6 months, it also helps to hold them upright. If you have some baskets in the child’s room that match the theme, use those. Some things to keep in mind though, make sure the basket won’t fall when the child is in it. In the studio, we have a parent stay within arm’s reach of the child for safety.

3. Swinging
Toddlers love it when someone is swinging them around and this can be ideal for getting a great response. If you have an older child or grandparent living in the home, you can take a photo of each parent holding the toddler's hand and swinging them between the two of you. This is a sure way to get a genuine smile and laugh.

4. In the Background/Select Focus
Let your child take the spotlight in some of the images. If they can sit on their own, have them in front of the parents who look adoringly at their little one from the background. Keep the child in the foreground in focus while the parents are just out of focus in the background. If you have an iPhone, the portrait mode would be a great way to achieve this look. If you have multiple children, put the older children in the back and the youngest in the front for a similar effect.

5. Walking together
If you have an extra hand to take pictures, go for a walk. Right now, a lot of people are doing chalk art and that would add a great dimension to your photo. Having the child between both parents, hand in hand walking down a tree-lined path, or an inspirational message in chalk at your feet would make a great way to incorporate what’s going on in the world into a nice picture. If the child is too young to walk, consider pulling them in a wagon as parents walk with their arms around one another.

6. Having fun
When it comes to taking images that involve kids, whether it is just one child or multiple children, make it fun. You want to capture the true happiness of the family, so play around outside or kick your feet in the water. When you have more fun during your session, you will capture the most memorable poses that won't need any direction.



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