Eternal Crown | Possibly my favorite find for marketing...

Possibly my favorite find for marketing...

June 07, 2018

So, a while back, a fellow photographer posted about a website she started using to help manage all her social media accounts. I was particularly interested because I had also been looking for something. There are WAY TOO MANY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS and I just can't keep up. I mean, I was a marketing professional in my former life and even I just can’t possibly understand and find the time to post in all the bazillion platforms that people are using these days. And yet, you can't ignore them, either. So I decided to check out this website she referred to me.

Enter CoSchedule.

Ah-mazing. I love this site. I'm not even close yet to using all that is available through their programs, and I already love it. All I have to do is schedule time once a week or once a month (or let’s be honest, once every couple of months, because really - who has time?!) to plan out several posts and choose the days/times I want them to be posted - and let CoSchedule do the rest. And really, I don't even need to plan the times because one of the features is that they'll even tell you the best time to post that day, for each social platform. So you can scrap the hours and hours of research to find out what time of day you should be posting! And if you want to re-use previous posts to get more work out of them, or to fill the days when you don't have any new content - it has an option for that too.

I plan my ideas in advance, and I know well ahead of time when I want to run promotions for things like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Back to School, etc. But sometimes I get busy and I lose track of time - before I know it, I’m a week overdue for implementing all the hard work I planned out. But not with CoSchedule - I can think about winter holiday promotions RIGHT NOW and plan them RIGHT NOW and just sit back and wait for CoSchedule to post them...and spend time with actual clients, instead of being stuck for hours a day behind my computer. Or better yet, enjoy time with my family!

Everything is all in one place, on one page, in one calendar. Seriously. Where has this been for the last several years?
I'm so thankful my friend brought this to my attention. Seriously, this is money well-spent. I was even considering hiring a social media guru to do it for me, but this is way WAY cheaper. This is definitely one of my top two most favorite resources I’ve found.

(Also, their tagline is "One Calendar to Rule Them All" so if you're a geek like me and understand the reference, that's just a bonus.)

Of course you get a free trial if you want to make sure it will work for you - but I'm telling you - it will. You can use my referral link below.

Let's be honest - I get a discount on my subscription if you use this link - and I'll surely thank you for it - but will you thank me right back when this saves you hours and hours of time? Hell, yes. You're welcome.