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Possibly my favorite find for marketing...

June 07, 2018
So, a while back, a fellow photographer posted about a website she started using to help manage all her social media accounts. I was particularly interested because I had...
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Model Call for Class of 2018 Seniors

September 06, 2017
Attention Class of 2018 (and parents)! I'm looking for three or four c/o 2018 seniors to model for some upcoming sessions. It will involve one or two sessions on separat...
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3 reasons to suck it up for your family - take that picture now!

August 10, 2017
It's time for you to suck it up for the sake of your family. Stop being selfish and take those pictures. 3 reasons why: 1. It isn't about you. One of the most common st...
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Model Call for a Lifestyle-themed session

August 03, 2017
Model Call for a lifestyle session! Models needed for a lifestyle-themed session. If you fall into either of the categories below, please EMAIL me at photography@eternal...
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How to hire a photographer - Part 4 of 4: Price

July 29, 2017
OK, so we're back for the final piece of How to Hire a Photographer - the biggest and most misunderstood portion of photography: PRICE. And yet, it's the most simple. (Yo...
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