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February 27, 2012  •  Leave a Comment
The Eternal Crown blog is undergoing a facelift. We're two full months into the new year, but it's never too late to develop resolutions, right? I don't like new year's resolutions, anyway. I never follow them. This year, I never even bothered to sit down and list them. *sigh*

But here we are, at the end of February, needing some change. So here we go... 

I don't like blogging about my photo sessions. I think that's boring, so I can't even imagine how everyone else feels about it. I don't like using my blog to advertise my business. I like to write and that's what my blog used to be about. But I got so caught up in the business side of it that I stopped doing it for love, and started doing it for necessity. But then I found myself getting bored with, or even avoiding the months would go by between posts. How's that for marketing???

So here we are. I've deleted all my old posts. *gasp* 

I'm starting over. I'm getting back to a blog that actually resembles ME. I'm going to blog about what inspires me, not simply about what I do. I'm going to write about what I think inspires others. I'm going to share photography tips and projects and ideas...but there is so much more to my life than photography, so I'm not going to stop at that. 

I'm going to write about my hubby...because he constantly does things that inspire me and I think they'll inspire others. And he makes me laugh, so I have lots of material. I'm going to write about my kids. They're pretty cool and I feel obligated to share in that coolness. Plus, I think we are reminded about just how cool our kids really can be if we tell the world about their coolness. 

I'm going to write about some of my home schooling fun. And my home schooling non-fun. Or maybe not. Because that my scare you away. 

I'm going to write about my dog. Because she's really stinking cute. Seriously. You need a bulldog.

Speaking of bulldogs, I'm going to write about UGA. During football season, I may (definitely will) seem a little obsessive. That's because I am. If you are a Gaytor view life through Swamp-tainted glasses, you might want to avoid my blog during football season. Just sayin'.

I'm going to write about politics. I won't be nasty and I'll TRY to keep my most severe of opinions to myself. Although I don't make that promise because I'm pretty dang passionate about it, so they might slip out. If you are offended when people share a different opinion than you, and you think people are stupid because they don't believe the way you do - you should just avoid my blog altogether.

So that's it. People might read my blog. Maybe not. Who knows? Who cares? 
I like to write. So I will. =)


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This [new] blog will [hopefully] not resemble a typical photographer's blog, or even a typical business blog. My business is a reflection of who I am, and thus, so it this blog. It will feature my random thoughts, opinions, happenings and hang-ups. I might talk about faith, family and politics - so if any of those things are sensitive issues for you, I don't recommend that you read this blog. Consider yourself warned. =)

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