Portraits weren't meant to hide in a computer where they will be forgotten, or worse, lost forever. They deserve to be the center of attention, displayed proudly on a wall in your home! Simply put, we're here to assist you in capturing your most priceless moments, and guide you in preserving those memories in custom art pieces for you to enjoy every day.


The first step is contacting us and spending a few minutes on the phone chatting about your vision for your session. I'll ask you a few questions to determine how we can help you. This is usually a fairly quick conversation that let's us know if we'll be a good fit.


Next, we'll meet in person for a consultation - coffee's on me! We'll talk about your ideas, questions and options. We'll choose the location of your session, discuss wardrobe options and any concerns you may have. This planning meeting can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If you already know exactly what you're after, then it often is a pretty quick meeting. If you have more questions and aren't sure what you want, then we'll take our time talking it through and answering any questions you may have. We're in no hurry to leave before you are perfectly comfortable with your plan. This is also where you'll schedule your portrait session and pay your retainer to secure your date.


The next step is your session, which usually lasts anywhere from an hour to three or four, depending on the type of session and the extra features you've included in your package. There is no time limit and we'll keep going as long as you feel comfortable.


Within approximately two to three weeks, we'll set up your ordering appointment. At this time, I usually come to your home. This is where you'll see your images for the first time - yay! We'll narrow it down to your favorites from the session and plan for where and how you want to display them. At this time, you'll pay for your order. In approximately three to four weeks, I'll contact you for the most exciting day of all - delivery day! If you purchased a wall collection, a professional installer will arrive with me to install your images securely so you only need step back and enjoy.


I look forward to meeting with you and beginning this lovely journey of friendship and memories.